Navy Green Gel Nail Stickers


GREEN: Solid hunter green nails for a chic, sporty, & vibrant look.
NAVY: Deep blue solid nails. It’s time to revive those nails with a splash dark blue.


This is the perfect solution for your busy life, your nails will always look on trend, as if you have just returned from a professional salon. The gel sticker fits easily and evenly on the nail, holds well and looks beautiful every day. Skip the harsh buffing at salon to remove gel polish, this easy to apply and remove application will improve the texture and strength of your nails!

★ 100% Salon Quality Non-Toxic Gel Nail Polish (made in Korea)
★ 60% Semi Baked, Easy to apply & remove
★ Each box includes 34 Gel Nail Strips + 1 nail file + 2 prep pads + 1 wooden stick
★ Each box supply up to 3 applications (2 months supply)
★ Each application last up to 2-3 weeks
★ Opacity: Solid

★ Refer to video and last 3 pictures
★ This product cannot be used on its own
★ Must be applied with LED Lamp and Top Gel for proper adherence
★ Remover Serum must be used when removing the gel strips to keep from damaging your nails

Additional information

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